Ishnaan - Cold showers also known as hydro-therapy!

Ishnaan is the science of hydrotherapy and is an ancient yogic technique that supports our morning sadhana. It has tremendous health benefits, such as keeping the skin radiant, opening up the capillaries so that your blood flows freely, flushing out all of your organs, keeping your blood chemistry young and healthy, and stimulating your glandular system for youthful health and vitality. By stimulating your glands and flushing them like this you are rejuvenating them – and young glands can actually harmonize our neurotic tendencies and anger. It also sets the tone for your morning meditation by stimulating your circulation and waking up your system. 

A simple ishnaan routine would be to wake up in the morning, drink some warm water to hydrate your system, then rub your face and body vigorously with organic almond oil. Next, take a cold shower. You can start by putting one foot in, then the other, then one arm, then the other before jumping in. Brrr… Don’t get the top of your head wet or the tops of your thighs. Turn around a few times and allow your body to become accustomed to the cold water. It might seem like a very challenging or even self-torturing exercise but once you have done it a few times and see how good you feel once you get out and are rubbing yourself down with your towel you will wonder why you ever hesitated.