Welcome. If you are feeling stuck or unhappy, it is most likely because you are not tuned in to your own inner truth and wisdom. All too often people find themselves caught in life patterns that do not serve their higher self or purpose.  They are in essence caught akimbo and want to change but don’t have the internal resources to tap into to commit to themselves and who they are underneath all the layers of familial and societal conditioning.  Change is difficult both because of one’s internal structures built for safety and security; and our external reality, with others expectations and beliefs about who we are and how we should live.

Deva Arani:  life coach and mindfulness practitioner.

Deva Arani: life coach and mindfulness practitioner.

There is not a flood in the worlds that can douse a sacred flame in me, that builds, that rises even higher, each time I slay another fear.
— Rumi

After practicing law for 20 years, I recently closed my private practice to commit fully to my own inner truth and wisdom.  I am a certified life coach and mindfulness practitioner. My intention is to serve people who are committed to living authentically by helping them tune into their own internal wisdom. 

 My life coaching program is based on the understanding that we all know intuitively who we are and what serves us - but that we have forgotten how to access and listen to this eternal self-wisdom. My sessions are focused around helping my clients tune in to themselves, thereby allowing them to define what needs to change in their lives and how these changes can be implemented.  I then provide support and accountability sessions to help keep my clients on track.

Tapping into one’s inner wisdom takes commitment and discipline.  Meditation and other awareness practices are essential.   I am committed to helping my clients find the right techniques for their lives and personalities as an important part of the coaching process, with support and follow through.  As a mindfulness practitioner, I am happy to meet with people who are interested in developing a meditation practice.  

 My life has unfolded in a beautiful pattern and allowed me to experience and explore many ways of being and living.  I have a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, and a Juris Doctorate in Law from the University of Colorado. In addition to being a certified life and mindfulness coach, I’m also a certified mediator. I have been blessed to be able to explore, experience, practice and share many different modalities of self-awareness and meditation.  I am committed to my own healing, self-understanding and self-awarenes

The journey is the destination.
— Osho