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Framing Your Work: a Legal Plan for Artists and Healers


As a solo practitioner with 20 years of experience practicing law, I have been truly touched by the myriad of entrepreneurs that I have counseled in making their vision a reality. One area that I have particularly enjoyed is representing artists, healers, and other creative people in the legal aspects of their unique endeavors. Thus, allowing them to focus their time and energy on their creative work and not the legal framework necessary to protect and support it.

I represent, counsel, and advocate on behalf of the creative small business entrepreneur, artists, and practitioners in the healing modalities. It is an honor for me to represent, value, support and protect these creative independent artists and healers and the work they contribute so that they can focus on shining their bright light amongst us.

To this end, I believe that the law and legal problem solving methods are very powerful and I use these tools to empower my clients. This means making sure their contracts actually protect their interests and work. It means putting processes in place to make sure that they get paid on time and that their original ideas and work are protected. Staying ahead of the game by being properly informed is good planning. Legal planning is life planning.

What I actually can do for you if you are an artist or healer is to provide multi-faceted representation to facilitate your artistic work (whether it be painting or massage or some other unique form of expression). This may include but is certainly not limited to:

Establishing and helping to implement a new company – separating personal assets from business assets is a must.

Protecting original ideas through trademarks, copyrights, licensing agreements and enforcement efforts.

Advocating for your needs and priorities to help resolve disputes.

Negotiating and drafting contracts for artists, therapists, and other independent spirits so that you get paid for your work and your work is protected and only used with your consent.

Advising and providing guidance on laws and regulations that impact your work.

If you are an independent spirit and would like to discuss how I can help get your legal framework up and running give me a call to explore this further.  I am happy to meet with you for a complimentary consultation.