On being an Incubated Author

I’ve been a writer my whole life. My childhood was spent lost in the world of books. I read every book I could get my hands on and was content to reread my favorites, such as The Black Stallion series over and over again.  I read Gone With the Wind in the fourth grade after seeing the movie on the big screen in Dallas and from then on I was past children’s books and on to the whole wide world of fiction. All kinds. 

Not only did I read voraciously but I also wrote- a lot. In journals, on paper scraps, poems, musings. When I was thirty, I wrote a novel which I almost finished – just not quite. I had a huge collection of books on writing that I finally got rid of when I downsized my library to fit into the book shelves that fit into my current home. Minimalism has become my thing and so 90 percent of the books I have owned are now credit at the Bookworm Used Bookstore here in town or donated-including all of my books on writing.  But my collection of journals going back so many years and through so many iterations of me, my musings, my poems, my anguish, confusion, self-reckoning- they remain intact and waiting for me to someday revisit. Like old friends.

So I wrote a book and just launched the eBook last month and the paperback is out just now. I didn’t use any of my old musings. Nor did I do any research. I simply wrote a book from my heart and from source and it took me about 4 days.  After spinning my wheels and feeling stuck for most of my life about writing I simply let go of all my fears, self-doubts, excuses, and self- sabotage and did it. 

Here I am with Dr. Angela Lauria after the successful launch of my Ebook, a little puffy eyed from the happy tears of being an Incubated Author.

Here I am with Dr. Angela Lauria after the successful launch of my Ebook, a little puffy eyed from the happy tears of being an Incubated Author.

Instead of feeling overjoyed I feel a bit like I have post-partum depression- just nowNow what is a message I am hearing loud and clear in my mind.  I don’t want to work with Social Media is another one that is really chiming in. So I decided to move some energy by writing this blog post. My paper back was published July 30 and I have yet to announce it. SO- I am announcing it NOW.  I will be at the Boulder Bookstore September 18 at 7:30 pm for a reading with my BOOK.

The paperback is available on Amazon, Integration Alchemy – Rekindle your transformational retreat and SHINE, by Deva Arani.  You can order it online through Amazon or buy it at the bookstore starting this week. This is a huge milestone for me. How did I write a book after so many years of spinning my wheels?

I hired a coach. The best coach. Dr. Angela Lauria, founder of the Author Incubator.  My dear cousin had worked with her and published a book and when I saw him at Christmas I had a lot of questions for him- mainly how on Earth had he done that – A BOOK! He told me about her  program. I looked it up on line, applied, and before I knew (I think it was like two weeks from filling out the application to being asked to start my book process) I was accepted into her program. It felt sort of like a “wham bam thank you mam” in that I didn’t have time to really let any of my old stuff – my Nos – stop me from just saying yes. I had a full calendar of events and responsibilities and I committed to my partner in life that this process would not interfere. Because we had so much going on this was important for both of us to understand. He asked me “why now?” and I said simply and tearfully, “Its time – if not now when?” 

I committed to the program. I followed Dr. Angela’s process  and it was uncomfortable at first and at times throughout. In this program the hardest part is getting through the prewriting stage. She and her remarkably kind and competent team are dedicated to helping writer’s write books that will actually help people, by being read – they solve real problems. For readers to find these books there must be a real problem that they need help with that the author has already solved in real life - through personal experience. Oh my.

Once my book topic was approved, integration of transformational retreats,  I spent a day or so thinking -now what as if the sky had fallen. What on earth can I possibly write about integration??? Then it all came through in one fell swoop as I was sitting out under the stars one night. I came in and outlined the seven steps which would become the ALCHEMY process of my book just like that.  

As part of the process each writer is required to create a writing schedule with the idea that you can complete your book in three days. I thought that sounded like crack and so I made mine twelve days – one day for each chapter. Low and behold – I finished in four days. Because of all of the prewriting exercises my book was already written and it just flowed out of me real time. In this process there is no editing allowed and you send each chapter off as you complete it and move on. “Keep writing forward” is Dr.Angela’s motto and it works – two hours per chapter and before I knew it my book was complete – done, written. Four days.  It has been edited a few times and that’s it.  

I committed to working with the Author Incubator because their mission of helping writer’s with servant’s  hearts really resonated with me. The understanding that books can touch and transform lives is something I have experienced. Their success rate is astounding. I’m glad I did. The experience was like following a connect a dot. Each step in the process is delineated and you can’t move on to the next step until your previous step is approved by the team. They want their authors to succeed and change lives  and are brutally honest and firm about the paradigm necessary to make this happen. Books that make a difference by changing lives – because reader’s buy  them and because they solve real problems and will be read - that’s what this team is all about. 

I had been doing my kundalini yoga sadhana before I started the program – Nabhi Kriya – which is all about connecting to and strengthening the naval -my source and it was beautiful to feel that connection as I made my way to the keyboard and let my words flow. My book didn’t happen in a vacuum. With the support and help of The Author Incubator team I was able to access my voice and wisdom and create something I so wanted to share. What came through came through my heart because of the connection to self I created each morning with my Kriya. 

Ultimately, it’s not so much about the book. It’s about the author’s turning the book into a program to help improve other people’s lives. It’s about empowering the authors to share their voices, their experiences in healing with others who are struggling with the same problems. The process works. I feel happy and proud to be an incubated author.  If you are curious about the program let me know. I’m happy to share my experience and or put you in touch! And of course, if you would like to discuss integration or working with my process reach out! My book is an invitation to go in and see what’s inside YOU, both in terms of your integration and your life!

I’m aware as I write this that my inner editor wants me to revise and revisit. I’m aware that my book is not perfect and as I read the paperback for the first time this past week there are things I could change. But as a person who has graduated into being an Incubated Author I am letting that shit go - this is what I have to say for now and here it is - I have to embrace the messy blessed being who is me - imperfect and whole in THAT.