Medical Power of Attorney - Choosing Your Agent

In completing your POAs its important to choose an appropriate agent. Here are five criteria to think about in relation to choosing an agent for your medical power of attorney.

1.  Personal belief:  Since the concept of withholding artificial-life support runs contrary to the teachings of some religions and is a very personal decision, it is helpful to find a healthcare agent who understands your feelings in this regard and whose own beliefs are not contrary to your own.

2. Communication: It is important to choose someone you are comfortable speaking with about your health care wishes and it should be clear to you that not only do they understand them but they will be able to communicate these to your health care providers and family members if necessary.

3. Practical reality:  Its critical that the person you choose is willing to accept responsibility and agree to act as your agent - "ready and able to serve".

4.  Voice:  In choosing an agent be sure that they will be able to speak up and stand firm on your behalf - even if faced with physicians who are advising otherwise or other close family members who disagree.

5.  Availability: Make sure this person is likely to be accessible and capable of serving as your agent well into the future.